eDNA Labs

Most agencies and many researchers don’t have their own eDNA labs for processing samples, and many academic eDNA labs don’t function as service labs that process eDNA samples for other researchers and practitioners. The number of commercial and governmental eDNA labs is limited but increasing rapidly.  If you’re looking for an eDNA lab with which to partner, see below for labs advertising eDNA services. Before selecting a lab partner, here's a resource you may find helpful: important considerations for selecting your lab partner. This list has not been vetted, we recommend confirming that any lab you work with adheres to best practices for lab separation and contamination prevention. 

Commercial labs advertising eDNA sample processing services

Governmental labs for processing eDNA samples


These lists will be updated as new information about eDNA processing labs becomes available, but should not be considered to be comprehensive. Inclusion on this page does not imply endorsement by the US Government or Washington State University