New Developments

Rapid technological developments are continually expanding the potential of eDNA methods for detecting aquatic species more quickly and efficiently. On-site PCR technologies, autonomous sampling devices, broad-scale sampling and mapping programs, and other advances are changing the way we design, implement, analyze, interpret, and use eDNA detection. Keep an eye on this page for news about significant technological advances in eDNA methods, equipment, and applications. 


ANDe™ eDNA sampling system
The ANDe™ system is designed for filtering larger volumes of water compared to current methods, reducing risk of contamination among sampling sites, and expediting sampling duration. Read more ->

Biomeme Onsite PCR Platform
The Biomeme device is a real-time qPCR thermocycler that attaches to an iPhone and enables you to perform DNA or RNA analysis in the field. Additionally, kits to extract eDNA filter samples in the field are available. Read more ->

The Rangewide Bull Trout eDNA Project and eDNAtlas & Archive
The USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station and collaborators are using range-wide predictions of cold-water bull trout habitat combined with eDNA sampling to determine the presence of bull trout in thousands of streams. eDNA survey results can be viewed in an ArcGIS Online Mapper. The group is also working to develop an Aquatic eDNAtlas & Archive project that will expand online access to crowd-sourced eDNA datasets to encompass all aquatic species throughout the western U.S. & Alaska. Read more ->

MinION Portable Sequencing Device
MinION is a portable real-time device for DNA and RNA sequencing. Each consumable flow cell can now generate 10–20 Gb of DNA sequence data. Ultra-long read lengths are possible (hundreds of kb) as you can choose your fragment length.  Read more ->

MBARI Environmental Sample Processor
The MBARI Environmental Sample Processor—the ESP—provides on-site (in situ) collection and analysis of water samples from the ocean, identifying the presence of organisms and/or biological toxins. Read more ->